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International Innovation Summit and Awards 2018

IIS 2018 Macau

Themed as "Think X Marks The Spot" The International Innovation Summit 2018 was 2nd regional summit about the disruptive era and its innovations, it was about thinking the unthinkable and achieving the impossible in the future years to come. The summit aimed to unite and connected the leaders of start-ups and gianted of Asia and urge businesses to shape their own future through collaborations to overturn the tide of disruptions.

The IIS provided an unparalleled platform that was power-packed with networking and shared of insights with an elite community of innovators. We were excited to create another impactful innovation summit that delivered actionable insights and got innovators revved up for the upcoming year.

IIA 2018 Macau

The International Innovation Award 2018 recognized outstanding innovations, and in the process, provided the encouragement for organizations to continue investing in innovation. Some of our past winners included Microsoft, Intel, Adidas etc. This year we were set to award some of the biggest names in Asia.

Joint Business Community Luncheon with CE of HKSAR

HKSAR Chief Executive, the Honourable Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, delivered her Policy Address to the Legislative Council in mid-October.

We were deeply honoured that the Chief Executive had accepted our invitation to speak to the Hong Kong business community at this joint luncheon, which was held on Tuesday, 13 November. Mrs Lam discussed with attendees the reasoning behind on her Policy Address, and learned more about her initiatives and directives for tackling key issues, such as housing, land supply, labour market, the environment and improving Hong Kong's competitiveness in the year ahead.

The inaugural China International Import Expo

As officially announced by the Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in May 2017, the inaugural China International Import Expo was a significant event to promote global trade and world economic growth. It was also a step for the Chinese government to show their support to trade liberalization to actively open the Chinese market to the world. The HKSARG took part in the Expo by setting up a Hong Kong Exhibition Area in the "Country Pavilion for Trade and Investment", while HKTDC set up a Product Zone and Service Zone in the Expo, showcasing Hong Kong products and services' capabilities and advantages. This high-level six-day Expo was expected to attract over 2,800 exhibitors and 150,000 buyers from around the world. For those who were interested in expanding your business into the mainland market, we cordially invited you to visit the Expo to get in touch with exhibitors from around the world, and buyers from different mainland provinces and municipals to grasp latest marker knowledge, customers' need and open up sales channels, especially for those who were interested in expanding their businesses into the mainland.

Fujian-Hong Kong Promotion Conference & Projects Signing Ceremony

In order to further the cooperation between Fujian and Hong Kong, the Fujian-Hong Kong Promotion Conference & Projects Signing Ceremony hold at Conrad Hong Kong Hotel (Grand Ballroom Lower Lobby) during 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. on 9 October 2018 (Tuesday).

The Promotion Conference & Projects Signing Ceremony was jointly hosted by CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, Fujian Provincial People's Government and Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. We showcased a number of priority projects from a broad range of sectors, including new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new material, new energy, bio-pharmceutical industry, clean energy, towards the fruition of investment and trade cooperation.

HKTBC Annual General Meeting 2018

HKTBC Annual General Meeting 2018

About 30 members attended the Council's Annual General Meeting. The Council played its part in keeping members informed about the changing political and economic situation in the Kingdom and the affects of global events on Hong Kong and the Mainland. We also continued to develop ties with other organizations. Mr. Bernard Charnwut Chan, Dr. Harry Lee, Mr. Clayton T. Hebbard and Mr. Knattapisit Krutkrongchai were re-elected as Directors for the ensuing year. Simultaneously, Ernst & Young was re-appointed the Council's Honorary Auditors. The current Board of Directors consists of 11 directors: 1) Mr. Bernard Chan, GBS, JP, President of Asia Financial Group 2) Mr. William Chao, Managing Director of Wing Wah Limited 3) Mr. Tom V. Chatjaval, Founder and Chairman & CEO of TVC Management Ltd 4) Mr. Kenneth Gaw, President & Managing Principal of Gaw Capital 5) Mr. Horst Geicke, Chairman and Co-Founder of Pacific Alliance Group, VinaCapital Group 6) M. Clayton T. Hebbard, Consultant of Grant Thornton 7) Dr. Harry Lee, SBS, JP, Managing Director of TAL Apparel Limited 8) Mr. Willy Lin, SBS, JP, Managing Director of Milo's Knitwear (International) Ltd 9) Mr. Raphael Tong, Managing Director of Shanghai Mister Softee Food Products Co Limited 10) Mr. Benjamin Lam, Executive Director & Deputy CEO of Pacific Century Premium Development Ltd 11) Mr. Knattapisit Krutkrongchai, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA International Limited We were honored to have a special guest joining us as our keynote speaker at the luncheon right after our Annual General Meeting, Mr. Jim Lai. Jim Lai is Vice President of Tencent, and heads Tencent Financial Technology ?V which provides mobile payment and other services to users of WeChat Pay and QQ Wallet. This lunch offered Hong Kong-Thailand Business Council members a chance to hear his insight on digital platforms and next-generation financial technology. This was an area that has moved China towards being a cashless society, and it was poised to expand significantly in the rest of the world. It would have major potential impacts on nearly every business sector. Last year, Tencent was awarded "Best Innovation Centre by Non-Financial Institution in China" at The Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Awards. And Mr Lai received "The Asian Banker Innovation Leadership Achievement for China Award". Mr Lai joined Tencent in 2009 as manager of the QQ Membership Product Department. He was promoted first to General Manager of Tenpay in 2012, and then to head of the Tencent Financial Technology Department in 2015. Prior to joining Tencent, he held investment manager positions with Apax Partners PE in the UK and Lehman Brother??s Investment Bank in the US, and served as assistant vice president at Credit Suisse First Boston Investment Bank. He holds both an MS bachelor??s degree and a master??s degree in economics from MIT, as well as an MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

Invitation to "CGCC World Chinese Entrepreneurs Summit - Belt & Road and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area Opportunities"

Chinese entrepreneurs have been playing an important role in international trade and regional cooperation. Being one of the founding members of the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, CGCC had always been keeping close ties with Chinese business leaders around the globe, with an aim to foster exchanges and multilateral collaboration.

The "Belt and Road" and "Guangdong-HK-Macao Bay Area" initiatives provided a visionary blueprint for global economic development in the new world order. Chinese businessmen, both at home and abroad, express great interest in supporting this strategic vision. In order to unlock the massive opportunities arising from countries along Belt & Road and the tremendous growth potential generated by the huge population in the Bay Area.

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Informal lunch with Mr. Yang Yirui - Deputy Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

In order to enhance communication and cooperation between the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the Hong Kong SAR and foreign Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong, especially those from ASEAN countries, Mr. Yang Yirui, Deputy Commissioner would hosted an informal lunch for ASEAN chambers of commerce in Hong Kong.

During the lunch, Mr. Yang discussed with all distinguished guests on how to deepen the tripartite cooperation among the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and ASEAN countries, and listened to your expectations and wisdom in the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Business of IP Asia Forum 2018

Jointly organised by the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Design Centre, BIP Asia Forum bought IP professionals and business leaders from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in the IP world, and explored business collaboration opportunities. The seventh edition of the Forum was held on 7-8 December 2017 with great success, featuring over 80 prominent speakers sharing their insights and attracted more than 2,500 IP professionals and industry leaders to attend. The next edition will return on 6-7 December 2018. Mark your diary now!

The annual forum gathered world-class IP authorities, innovators from international brands and many high-profile leaders for groundbreaking discussions on the global IP infrastructure as well as trading opportunities and challenges facing the business world.

The BIP Asia exhibition stageed alongside the main forum, bought together IP practitioners from different sectors and countries. In 2017, more than 90 exhibitors joined the exhibition, including the World Intellectual Property Organization as well as large international technology corporations, IP service providers, top-tier research centers and universities. Forum participants could ride on the one-stop consultation services at the exhibition zone to know more about technology transfer, commercialisation, and various IP aspects such as patent and trade mark applications, licensing, trade and legal issues.

Following its success last year, the BIP Exhibition was staged again in 2018, offered an ideal platform to promote the products and services to over 2,500 participants from all over the world.

9th Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 Hong Kong

The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards is the region's largest and most prestigious awards for entrepreneurs, and is now organized annually in 14 countries and markets across Asia.

The Awards is organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading regional non-governmental organization for entrepreneurship, with the objective to promote the importance of entrepreneurship among the general public, and in turn, stimulate the growth of local and regional brands and enterprises both locally and internationally.

The Awards was set to be a grand event with true entrepreneurs of the highest quality celebrating successful entrepreneurship together. Major local and international media have beeninvited to cover the event.

Some of the Past Winners from Hong Kong included:

- Ms. Angela Leong On Kei, Managing Director, Sociedade De Jogos De Macau, SA

- Mr. Hui Wing Mau, Chairman and Executive Director, Shimao Group

- Ms. Joyce Tsang, Chairlady & CEO, Modern Beauty Salon Holdings Limited

- Mr. Hon Kwok Lung, Chairman, Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited

- Dr. Eleanor Kwok, Vice-Chairman, Sa Sa International Holdings Limited

AustCham's Panel Discussion 'Corporate Responsibility for Protecting Human Rights'

When people think of sustainability themes, they often focus on the environmental consequences of corporate activities. Increasingly the spotlight is on the social and human rights implications of business activities nowadays.

In this panel session, we were bringing together some experts in the field who highlighted the relevance of this issue for all companies, to explore global supply chain considerations, and to share their thoughts on what effects our business activities are having on the human rights of the people we impact.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council "Belt and Road Summit - Collaborate for Success"

Co-organised by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Belt and Road Summit bringed together senior government officials, representatives of international institutions, business leaders and industry experts from countries along and beyond the Belt and Road to exchange views on multilateral co-operation and explore new business opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative.

This full-day event included a high-level symposium in the morning, a keynote luncheon and afternoon discussion panels. Programme highlights included dialogues between policymakers of related economies, panels featuring top-notch business leaders from round the world, a networking session, in-depth discussion on Hong Kong??s cooperation with ASEAN etc.

Legal Seminar on Building Connectivity with ASEAN in the International Dispute Resolution Context Professor Dr Colin Ong, QC Barrister and International Arbitrator

For decades, the HKSAR Government has been providing support to the promotion of international dispute resolution services including arbitration and mediation in the Asia-Pacific region. The recently concluded HK-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and a related Investment Agreement attach great importance to using HK's top quality professional services as a stepping stone to seize the vast opportunities in the Mainland market, thus fostering closer collaboration with ASEAN as a whole and with each of its members.

In this talk, Dr. Ong introduced the history and differences in the laws of the ten ASEAN countries and how their respective legal systems operate. He provided an overview starting from the establishment of ASEAN up to the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community. He examined the legal structure of the ASEAN supranational body as well as the ASEAN-PRC Agreement on Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Co-Operation (Vientiane 2004). He also discussed the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao Bay Area Development as well as important cultural differences that exist in international arbitration between parties from different legal traditions.

Dr. Ong explored how Hong Kong's unique arrangements with the Mainland could help bridge such cultural differences and allow it to serve as an ideal neutral seat of arbitration to host commercial disputes that can arise between PRC parties and parties from countries along the Belt and Road routes.