Thursday, 23 February 2017

An armchair discussion with Mrs. Carrie Lam

The Zubin Foundation believes that more should be done to include ethnic minorities and non-Chinese individuals into mainstream Hong Kong society. Ethnic minorities bring talent as well as much needed global connections for Hong Kong. Most importantly many if not most, call Hong Kong home and as such deserve to be fully integrated into Hong Kong society.

The Zubin Foundation had sent invitations to all Chief Executive candidates to join the armchair discussion. We hope to understand from them their views of:

Against the backdrop of the findings highlighted in the Status of Ethnic Minority Report, what is the future of ethnic minorities and non-Chinese in Hong Kong?

What they will do specifically to address the sizeable gaps between ethnic minorities and the Chinese population in Hong Kong with respect to all walks of life, including education, economics, welfare, health, and inclusion to positions of leaderships of these individuals.

The Zubin Foundation was organising an armchair discussion with Mrs. Carrie Lam, candidate for the Chief Executive election, on 23 February 2017 on What is the Future for Non-Chinese and Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong. The discussion took place at 7:30pm and moderated by two professors, Prof. Puja Kapai and Prof. Naubahar Sharif. Opening and Closing remarks on the day would done by Ravi Gidumal, co-Founder of The Zubin Foundation. It took place at the Sai Yung Pun Community Centre.