Wednesday, 24 September 2008

HKTBC Annual General Meeting 2008

About 30 members attended the Council's Annual General Meeting. Our Chairman, Mr. Bernard Chan, summarized the past activities of the Council and stressed that the mission in 2009 and beyond was again, to expand the number and range of activities.

Mr. Horst Geicke, Mr. Kenneth Gaw, Mr. Tom V. Chatjaval and Mr. William Chao were re-elected as Directors for the ensuing year. Simultaneously, Ernst & Young was re-appointed the Council's Honorary Auditors. The current Board of Directors consists of 10 directors:

1) The Hon Bernard Chan, President of Asia Financial Group

2) Mr. William Chao, Managing Director of Wing Wah Limited

3) Mr. Tom V. Chatjaval, Founder and Chairman & CEO of TVC Management Ltd

4) Mr. Kenneth Gaw, President & Managing Principal of Gaw Capital

5) Mr. Horst Geicke, Chairman and Co-Founder of Pacific Alliance Group, VinaCapital Group

6) M. Clayton Hebbard, Consultant of Grant Thornton

7) Dr. Harry Lee, Managing Director of TAL Apparel Limited

8) Mr. Willy Lin, Managing Director of Milo's Knitwear (International) Ltd

9) Mrs. Katherine Ngan, Executive Director of May Cheong Toy Products Fty Ltd

10) Mr. Raphael Tong, Managing Director of Shanghai Mister Softee Food Products Co Limited

We were honored to have a special guest joining us at the luncheon right after our AGM, Mr. Thanong Khanthong, Editor of The Nation, Bangkok - Thailand's leading English-language newspaper and one of the most respected newspapers in Asia. Mr. Khanthong was previously the paper's Managing Editor and Business Editor and is renowned for his incisive analysis into the Thai political and economic scene.

HKTBC Annual General Meeting 2008